Jerry Beck didn't enter the world of monster trucks until later in his life, but his fascination with vehicles and machinery dates back to an early age.  Jerry grew up riding 4-wheelers and operating heavy equipment.  He soon garnered a knack for fixing equipment and building his own contraptions.  By the age of 14 Jerry and a friend fabricated a VW buggy to drive around his property.  Although he didn't realize it then, his passion for cars and racing would make his Dreams Come True.

Jerry's interest in owning and operating a monster truck team began in the summer of 2013 when Poisel Construction was hired to construct an arena for an upcoming monster truck show at the Badlands Off Road Park.  Jerry was instantly drawn to the roar, majesty, and sheer power of the trucks and decided to extend his services by helping the crew unload and tire up a truck.  While unloading, he began asking questions about the business, growing more and more intrigued.   Over the next month or so his thoughts revolved around the idea of getting involved in the industry.  Soon after he began the build of what was to become Quad Chaos.

Soon after debuting Quad Chaos, Jerry wanted in on the action too and started to day dream about what else he could create that reflected him and his life.  That is when it was decided a dump truck monster truck would be built.  Today, Jerry's wife Jessica, and their two children William and Pepper, play critical roles in the success of DCT Powersports, Inc.

Meet the Team


Jack Brown Jr., Jerry Beck, Daron Basl